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The Hornet's Nest is the primary cafeteria in Emporia State University's Memorial Union.

THE BRIEF - Cosmetic Interior Design

The ESU Memorial Union asked Studio E to help cosmetically redesign the Hornet's Nest cafeteria. The concept was diversity and inclusion. ESU wants all students who come to ESU to feel welcome and see themselves represented on the campus. 

We decided to steer away from pictures of cultural foods as we wanted to avoid cliches and stereo types. We instead focused on language and people who have contributed something of value to their cultures. We want students to be able to walk in and be welcomed in their own language, and see people who look like them or who represent and have worked to strengthen a community they're a part of. 


We started by bringing colors that are found on architectural features in the ceiling, floor, fabric, and tile onto the mostly bare, tan walls. We did not want to change every wall, but rather to create focal points when guests enter, exit, and move around the space. Below you can see the entrance and exit. These are not the only two spots that are changing, though, so stay tuned and we will post more plans as they are approved. 

Currently the designs are slated to be installed in December, 2018. 

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MU Cafeteria before 3
MU Cafeteria before 4
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