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C-K Cattle is a family-owned breeding program near Hartford, Kansas. They breed and show prize-winning Simmental cattle.

THE BRIEF - Logo Design & Creative Direction

The client had an idea of what they wanted their logo to look like. They knew they wanted a mother and calf side by side, and as they only work with Simmental cattle the design needed to feature the distinctive shape of the breed. They also had a motto, "Breeding for Excellence" that needed to be included. 

We placed the mother and calf against a minimal sunset and mirrored the arch in the motto to help incapsulate an otherwise fairly irregularly shaped design and make the tag-line feel like a part of the logo. 

The client liked the design, we moved on to discuss an overall aesthetic for their company and website including materials, fonts, colors, and feel. The client decided on a moderately western feel, with a modern touch, choosing to use primarily natural elements and colors, and mixing modern fonts with not-too-western ones. We are now moving forward on creating promotional materials such as business cards, letter head, etc. as well as a website. 

C-K Cattle Logo
c-k cattle mood board.jpg
THE BRIEF - Website & Social Media

The client does not yet have a website. Now that we have decided on a visual identity Studio E is hard at work building it for them!

We are also helping set up their Facebook page. 

Coming Soon Website mockup
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