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Christian Church of Burlington is a church located in Burlington, KS. 

THE BRIEF - Capital Campaign Materials
CCB asked us to help them design materials for their 2019 capital campaign.The color scheme offered a unique challenge as the church has a black and red logo, but the desired color for the campaign materials was yellow and green. We used grey as a balance for all the colors and kept them from clashing by using them in different sections of the material. In addition to the grey we carried various design motifs throughout to make the materials still feel like a cohesive whole. 
The materials included a small booklet to announce and explain the goals of the campaign, a one-sheet for quick reference, a commitment card to take pledges from church members, and a 56 page work booklet that included an in-depth look at the campaign and its goals, sermon notes, and study guides. 

Uninished booklet cover.jpg
booklet page flip.jpg
booklet pg 1.jpg
Open booklet.jpg
One-page Mockup.jpg
commitment card mockupB.jpg
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